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We started with Shaklee products in 2006 when a friend introduced us to Shaklee’s Cinch Inch Loss plan. Initially, we saw results following the “Ultra Cinch” plan; however, unrelated medical problems would have us stop taking the Cinch products.

So, for reasons unrelated to using the product, we moved away from using it. In the meantime, Shaklee unveiled their revised home cleaning product line, “Get Clean™.” With my asthma and wanting to get the poisons and toxins out of the home, Get Clean provided the opportunity to get all the clean we wanted and none of harsh chemicals.

When our daughter, Gracie, was born, we laundered all of her clothes with the Shaklee Fresh Laundry detergent because it is hypoallergenic and unscented. Her clothes, even with tough baby food stains, would come out nice and clean. Even now that she is going on four and loves to play in the yard and get filthy dirty, her clothes always come out clean.

She has fair skin and we found out that she just can’t use *any* children’s body wash because it irritates her skin badly. The ShakleeBaby™ Gentle Wash, with its light lavender and chamomile extracts sooth and moisturize as it gets her clean.

We like using Basic-H2 on all our tables and countertops. Basic-G is excellent for mopping the floor and cleaning the bathroom since it leaves a mild, clean scent and kills over 40 nasty bacteria, germs and viruses, including several animal viruses.

We love these products.

In March 2012, Stacy and I underwent Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass surgery. It was definitely time to do something about our health, especially if we want to be around to watch little Gracie grow and be here for her.

Due to the surgery, we were concerned about using the Shaklee vitamin supplements because of their special processing. Shaklee has specifically developed an advanced delivery system for the nutrients in their multivitamin tablets – special so that as it passes through each part of the digestive system, certain nutrients are able to dissolve and be absorbed in their particular place. With Gastric Bypass surgery, parts of the stomach and intestine are disconnected and joined up differently. However, after discussing this with the nutritionist and the surgeon’s assistant, we were given the “all-clear” to take the Shaklee Vitalizer product.  The Vitalizer strip offers 6 pills (5 tablets and one pearl) that actually provide more than the increased amounts of 20+ nutrients that our nutritionist recommends taking after surgery.


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