Is Your Health Ready to do a “180”?

Are you ready to do a “180”?

The best part about deciding to make a fresh start is that you can make the decision any time. Today is the beginning of your tomorrow—you need to determine what that tomorrow will be. The bad part is that making the decision does not end with just determining that it is time for a change. The decision must be accompanied by action. In other words, talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words.

It’s one thing to say “Ok, I’m going to start living healthier…”

It’s something better to say “I’m going to start living healthier”—and—ordering your Shaklee 180 turnaround kit and actually starting the program.

And through the month of May, if you order any Shaklee 180 kit, and place an order on autoship for three months, Shaklee will give you a free product of your choice with value up to $100 retail.

With Shaklee’s 100% satisfaction guarantee, there is no reason to not start your “180” today. If for any reason you don’t like the product, simply contact Shaklee Corporation for your money back, no questions asked.

Maybe taking “the big plunge” is a little over-the-top right now, but you know you need to do something and you’re willing to start with small steps. It is never too late to start improving your health.

Shaklee Vitalizer makes your daily routine easy! You get a convenient daily strip with 5 tablets and a pearl that give you 80 essential vitamins, minerals and probiotics. Shaklee’s SMART release technology means that each component of the Vitalizer formula is designed for maximum assimilation and absorption at each stage of the body’s digestive system ensuring that your body gets exactly what is described on the box. When you order your Vitalizer on Autoship, Shaklee also gives a free membership. That means that you receive 15% off on any product you buy and an additional 10% off your Vitalizer when ordered on autoship.



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